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Reach International School

Is a modern, all-inclusive academic institution that offers global standards in education for Levels 1 to 12 and Preschool Levels, through Childstart International. Applying a personalized cooperative learning system of teaching that emphasizes on academic, collaborative, and social learning experiences. Reach provides a more stimulating, less stressful, and very fun learning environment that allows all types of students to develop critical thinking skills and empower them to achieve their full potential.

Welcome Message from the Directress

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Reach International School, a non-stock and nonprofit educational institution.

Reach International School is a modern, all-inclusive academic institution that offers global standards in education for Preschool to Level 12. We recognize student potential and use this to help students achieve academic excellence. To reach our goal, we provide students opportunities to learn individually and in groups. By using a personalized system of teaching that emphasizes individual progression and subject mastery, we help students learn at their own pace. By providing opportunities for team learning, we let students learn to collaborate. The experience of learning at their own pace is less stressful while the experience of working together as a team is empowering. Both stimulate students to think critically to achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, Reach International School constantly aspires and strives to foster a calm, conducive, and enjoyable educational experience for its students. We are specially dedicated to empower and equip students with the necessary skills to learn. More so, we are determined to instill a healthy concern for others and the environment.

We look forward to learning without limits with your child.

About Us

Reach International School (RIS) was established in 2006 to be an alternative school for students and their families who wanted to veer away from a traditional setting. An inclusive school that had smaller class sizes with less structure and rigidness, it chose the School of Tomorrow (SOT) System for its curriculum.  The SOT system is an American Program known and recognized worldwide for its highly effective individualized program.

Reach, first began as a modest learning center that provided remediation and intervention programs for students with learning disabilities to cope with the School of Tomorrow (SOT) program. It was one of the first schools to include all types of students. Originally, many of its first students were from traditional schools who could not provide the necessary educational support that allow students to succeed the rigidity of a traditional program. The provision of the educational support system to help students learn regular academic content set the school apart from any other institutions. It was a unique program that allowed students to succeed academically. Parents who heard about the program began to come and enroll their children. Overtime, parents of students who preferred an alternative school and parents of gifted and special needs children began to come. While the SOT program could accommodate gifted students through its enrichment program. It could not accommodate the special needs population. Thus was born the special education department that developed and created the special needs program.

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