About Us


To be an Inclusive Environment for ALL students to Learn Without Limits.



To make students fall in love with learning.
To teach them to think critically.
To motivate them to put the knowledge to good use.


Core Values

God before all.


To be the light of reason and significance to all others.


Within every mind is unfulfilled potential.
Within every heart beats a hero.




Reach International School (RIS) was established in 2006 to be an alternative school for students and their families who wanted to veer away from a traditional setting. An inclusive school that had smaller class sizes with less structure and rigidness, it chose the School of Tomorrow (SOT) System for its curriculum. The SOT system is an American Program known and recognised worldwide for its highly effective individualized program.

Reach, first began as a modest learning center that provided remediation and intervention programs for students with learning disabilities to cope with the School of Tomorrow (SOT) program. It was one of the first schools to include all types of students. Originally, many of its first students were from traditional schools who could not provide the necessary educational support that allow students to succeed the rigidity of a traditional program. The provision of the educational support system to help students learn regular academic content set the school apart from any other institutions. It was a unique program that allowed students to succeed academically. Parents who heard about the program began to come and enroll their children. Overtime, parents of students who preferred an alternative school and parents of gifted and special needs children began to come. While the SOT program could accommodate gifted students through its enrichment program. It could not accommodate the special needs population. Thus was born the special education department that developed and created the special needs program.

Since then, the centre has transformed into a full-fledged school. Reach International School (RIS) was thus founded, with its individualised teaching-learning methods expanded and customised to include all types of learners. To address all the learning needs of its population, Reach departed from the SOT program. Developing and creating a unique learning program that addresses the unique learning styles of its students. At the same time providing quality education that empowers and enables their students to become life long learners.

Its founder, Martha Cynthia Tinsay Gonzalez and program director Nenita Lucas (fondly known as Teacher Net retired since 2014), both educators with many years of experience believed in no “child left behind, no child held back.” For decades both has advocated for greater inclusion and for learning without limits, and both determined to continue their advocacy. Reach International School (RIS) continues to push for greater inclusion and continues to grow and find ways to make inclusive learning accessible to all kinds of learners.


Reach is accredited by the Dept. of Education (DepED)


Our beloved faculty members are board-certified and are adaptable and well-versed in their respective fields of specializations to educate students in all levels. They are nurturing and are genuinely concerned for the well-being and development of each and every student. They have a high awareness of the safety and security of the students. They possess a higher level of awareness and concern towards the varying needs of our students. Our faculty measures its success through the students ability to learn and think critically, and to care for others and environment. 


Reach International School (RIS) ensures that its campus is conducive towards the achievement of each student’s highest potential. We make sure that each and every need of our students are met, not only through methods and programs, but through our facilities that support their learning. 

Science Laboratory

Our science laboratory provides each student with the right tools to discover and  develop problem solving skills that result in critical thinking. The aim is for the students to develop an investigative mindset towards learning. We provide the proper equipment to ensure a holistic and scientific learning experience. 


Reach International School (RIS) fosters a love of reading and literature in every student. Our library takes our students on a journey throughout a multitude of universes. We offer a variety of books ranging from children’s literature, encyclopedias, to the works of several philosophers. 


Alongside our drive to promote physical activity, Reach International School (RIS) also believes in the value of proper nutrition.

The Cafeteria offers a variety of balanced, healthy and tasty meals for everyone to enjoy. It ensures that each student is provided meal options that ensure a well balanced diet.

Music Room

Our holistic system of education encompasses the arts, both visual, music, and the expressive kinds. In our music room, students learn music history and are exposed to and play with various instruments that allow them to explore their musical and rhythmic creativity.

Guidance Room

Every student needs a safe space, most especially in a school as diverse and as inclusive as Reach International School (RIS). The guidance room is there to offer support for any physical, mental, and emotional concerns that students may have. The guidance room constantly takes on cases to ensure that the school environment is safe, and free from inappropriate and bullying behavior. In addition to this, the guidance room also takes on concerns regarding admissions, Testing and Evaluation. 


Our clinic ensure that every child can be provided the proper first aid care and attention to ensure that they are healthy.

Vocational Education Room

The RIS Vocational Education Room includes both Home Technology and Food Technology. RIS Home Technology Class teaches skills and knowledge for everyday skills and duties students carry out at home or in a particular field. RIS Food Technology Class provides students with knowledge of food properties, processing, preparation & nutritional considerations. It addresses the importance of hygiene and safe working practices.  Both Home and Food Technology classes are skills-based learning rather than learning that focuses on ideas and theories.

Computer Laboratory

The RIS Computer Laboratory serves as the center for teaching computer and digital technology to whole classes.  The RIS Computer Laboratory is also used by teachers and students for research, and/or for creating technology-based projects.

Art Room

The Art Room is the center for creativity and expression. Through the use of different mediums. Our Art Room is a venue where our students can express their unique selves without judgement. While at the same time honing their specific skills in planning, organizing, decision making, problem solving, and fine motor skills. Further it opens their minds to different perspectives when they learn art history and contemporary art. Truly it is a place that allows them to be themselves while learning about life itself.