Extra-Curricular Formative Programs

Extra-curricular Formative Programs are annual activities that enable students to generalize concepts learned inside the classroom within a collaborative framework which encompasses all levels. This translates into a uniquely organic expression of lessons learned.

Kamayan Festival

The Kamayan Festival highlights the Philippines, its Language, and its culture and arts through a series of activities that engage students to develop deeper appreciation of the Philippines.

Anthology Soirée

The Anthology Soiree celebrates all aspects of Literature. It is a month long series of actvities in Spelling Bee, Story Telling & Writing, Speech Choir, Writing Contest, Extemporaneous Speech, Resource Speakers in Literaure to hone written and spoken expression and foster a reading habit in our students.

United Nations Day

The United Nations Day promotes the idea of UNITY in Diversity. In this event, the students learn more about other countries, their way of life, and their culture. This brings out a broader perspective of the world we live in. From this engagement, ideas are born, allowing the students to see the importance of working together in protecting this shared planet.

Annual Show

The annual Christmas Show is a spellbinding platform for all students to display their talents in acting, dancing, singing, and other musical talents. Excellent productions make students take the center stage by integrating rhythm and discipline into their own artistic expressions.

Family Day

Family Day brings families and the school together to engage with one another in sports, games, and activities. Through this event, the school aims to foster stronger family ties and strengthen home-school partnership.


Intramurals are the perfect opportunity to highlight camaraderie, sportsmanship, and talent. It builds strong bonds within the community. It instills discipline among students and teaches the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. Win or lose, the students learn a lot from this event.

Losses teach them to rebound stronger next time, practice craft, and learn from mistakes, while wins teach students to never rest on their laurels but to keep practicing and always maintain a fighting form. It also provides them a venue to share their talent to inspire others. Overall, it aids students to shine under pressure and cope with nerves or performance anxiety.

Field Trips

Field trips are educational experiences that allow students to apply their lessons to the real world.These trips tend to be the most memorable moments of a students career.

New perspective is gained by students especially by coming into contact with a different environment students can better understand their place in the community and openness to differences in others. Thorugh Field trips students will gain a better understanding about their community.This often boosts the students interest in being an active citizen to help preserve what makes the community special. Field trips provide an opportunity for total immersion in the natural environment and social setting. On such excursions, the student practices his/her social skills and critical thinking abilities outside of the controlled class setting.

Social Action

Social Actions seeks ways to engage students to take what they have learned beyond the four walls of our classrooms out into the community. It allows the students to connect with community, engage in civic concerns, and participate in global responsibility. From a set of knowledge and awareness associated with each community, be it local, national, or global, the students will directly engage in activities to improve current situation or concern.

E=MSA (Math + Science + Art)

Reach International School believes that students must be given a vehicle to showcase their projects in Mathematics, Science, and Art. This is encapsulated in the “E = MSA” (Exhibit = Math, Science & Art) Program, where students develop a concept, turn them into a project, and exhibit the product or output. This ultimately results in a dynamic interactive exhibit that includes an art gallery, math challenge tables, and worthwhile science projects.

Banquet Night

Banquet Night is our version of Prom/Ball. Students from 13 years and older are required to attend this formal event where they can apply ettiquette learned in a social setting.


The REACH recollection/retreat gives our students opportunity for more time to spend in prayer and contemplation that allows them to rekindle and deepen their relationship with God. It is an opportunity to clearly hear God’s call and to seek His healing grace and thereby attain a degree of spiritual renewal. The purpose of the REACH recollection/retreat is to provide relaxation and spiritual cleansing for an inner change to occur; that is to have an ongoing conversion of heart that is critical to deepening faith.