Extra-Curricular Enhancement Programs

Every academic year at Reach International School marks a period of self-discovery and personal growth for the students. This is achieved through a combination of in-campus and off-campus activities that further allow students to develop, hone, and expand their abilities, skills, and experiences in unstructured ways. Through a set of stimulating and enriching activities of their choice, students discover new things about themselves, about others, and about the world around them.


Reach International School provides outlets where students are free to pursue their interests and explore new ones through the school clubs that promote specific hobbies in fun and experiential platforms. The following are the clubs currently being offered: Glee Club, Drama Club, Science Club, Art Club, Photography Club, and Communication Arts Club. These selections aim to provide a variety of options for them to choose from.

Students are encouraged to undergo a trial month where they are to immerse themselves in each of the clubs that Reach International School offers. After this trial month, they are encouraged to decide on one club that they will commit to for the remainder of the academic year.

Summer Camp

The Summer Camp is a 5-day adventure organized by the Guidance Office. This is held every summer, and it lets Reach International School students to travel and be exposed to different cultures and learn to immerse and appreciate these on a purely voluntary basis. There are two versions of this summer camp: the Local Summer Camp where the 5-day adventure takes the students somewhere in the Philippines and the International Summer Camp that takes the students out of the Philippines, to other global destinations and experiences.

Saturday Socials

Reach International Students invites its students to go out and bond with their fellow students outside the school through safely chaperoned public outings. The objective of this club is to encourage the students to meet and befriend other students from different levels through a day of enjoyable activities together. The club is moderated by the Guidance Office and goes on these excursions every second Saturday of the month.

Athletic Development Program

The Athletic Development Program hones students to develop their athletic skills by providing athletic programs within the curriculum and as an afterschool program. Part of this program is the Annual Sports Intramural, a weeklong event that pits students against each other through a variety of games and sports. Afterschool athletic programs are also available for students to develop and improve on a sport of their choice, be it basketball, volleyball, Futsal, or ping pong. In these programs, students are grouped according to skills. They are trained to compete and are given the opportunity to do tune up games and participate in mini leagues. From these, students learn the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.