Co-Curricular Programs

Co-curricular subjects are provided in all programs and in all levels to enhance the academic and personal growth of students. It provides opportunities for all kinds of students to learn inclusively and share bonds of school experience, friendship, and understanding of people who are different from themselves.

Spiritual Development and Values Formation

Knowledge and skills are worth little if they are not supported by the discovery of values and education in virtues. Reach International School carries out activities that help students learn about virtues, as well as learning how to evaluate, live, and transmit them in a firm and committed manner, depending on their age and level of development. This program seeks to motivate students with examples of actions for them to live the virtues steadily inside and outside school, and make them a way of life.

As an important part of human formation, Reach International School works towards enabling students to recognize the importance of helping those in need. The co-curricular system provides every student with opportunities to participate in activities for helping others according to their age. By doing so, the school seeks to complement their human and spiritual formation. Students are instructed and nurtured in respect, charity, equality, generosity, nobility, humility, and justice, in order to promote among them the true happiness that is born of love and helping people in need. Students also learn the concept of the Cosmic Christ, where care and protection of the environment is integral to life.

Reach International School fosters a solid spiritual formation through which our students feel the joy of knowing God. This knowledge of and closeness with God helps them realize what is truly important in life. As such, they are made aware of the reality of today’s world and are able to develop a sense of transcendence in assisting others and caring for the environment.

Information Technology

Reach International School fully recognizes and embraces that the digital platform is the future of art, communication, and other aspects. Thus, the school offers an intensive and extensive computer class where technology increases the level of mastery of every student in every year’s curriculum. This class includes understanding the physical aspects of technology to enhance their computer knowledge and hone their expertise to produce outputs they can use in school, at home, and in life.


In nurturing the students’ abilities to learn without limits, Reach International School encourages students to explore their own creativity through expressive art. Students learn with visual cues as a way of linking them with the history and culture of yesterday, today, and the prospects of tomorrow beyond the usual classroom lectures and textbook research. Students engage in enjoyable, enriching, and popular art projects and activities.


Reach International School believes that music is the encapsulation of emotions and expressions that are beyond words and pictures. The music program focuses on exposure to and appreciation of different kinds of music. It also explores many types and genres, exposing students to Asian, African, American, European, and World Music. The music program aims to develop the love for music in all its forms, allowing Reach students to find connections with humanity as they discover the powerful ability of music to bring people together.

Physical Education

The PE imparts the value of discipline, fitness, and sportsmanship to students while engaging them in individual and team sports that boost confidence and team spirit. Through the games, lectures, and other physical activities, they learn to work within a given play space to develop leadership and maturity. This program’s intended result is to motivate the students to develop and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Inclusivity becomes most apparent in the physical education class, with all of the students working as a team and learning sportsmanship, perseverance, and resilience through games.


The Reach International School Health Program aims to promote a wellness mindset. The health program aims to develop proper health habits through proper diet, regular exercise, and positive mental development. In the spirit of integration, the Health program is incorporated into the Reach International School Food Services Division and can be experienced through the healthy food options provided by the cafeteria.


Reach International School offers a wide variety of sports to challenge the mental strength and physical stamina of its students. The sports program offers traditional ball sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer, as well as non-physical counterparts such as chess.

At Reach International School, sports are no exception to the inclusivity and excellence that the school upholds as an institution. All students have the opportunity—regardless of learner type and fitness level—to play together in teams as they train and compete as equals. The Sports Program also provides the school’s sports teams opportunities to be able to compete in mini leagues and to meet and befriend students from other schools.


The instruction and execution of dance can be a gateway for the students to learn, develop, and appreciate other cultures, genres, and physical discipline through their own interpretation. Students are also encouraged to learn dance in order to build up their own selfconfidence and overcome their inhibitions. The true essence of dance in all its forms is that it is a healthy medium for ultimate and unabashed self-expression.


At Reach International School, we believe that legible and well-composed penmanship is one of the qualities of a well-rounded individual. It aids in the character building of students and enables them to express themselves better through writing, without being misunderstood. The ability to write well and the capacity to maintain it is one of the many unique co-curricular programs of Reach International School. It is one of the few schools left still offering a writing program.