Reach Evaluation and Assessment Division (R.E.A.D.)

R.E.A.D. is a division of Reach International School. It is an educational evaluation and assessment center, comprised of psycho-educational professionals who offer administration and interpretation of a wide array of assessment tools to investigate the multifaceted components of a student’s profile, learning level, and performance capabilities. Its purpose as an institution is to supply reliable and valid evaluation of a student’s knowledge and skills. This will provide the opportunity to create appropriate programs to enhance behavioral or academic performance. This will advance the quality of learning in a student’s education to reach optimal functioning and potential.

Reasons for the test as a mandatory admissions procedure:

  • It enables the education board and faculty to distinguish the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of each student.
  • It enables the school to assess the academic growth of an applicant.
  • It enables the school to design and develop effective educational plans.
  • It allows for early intervention where needed.
  • It brings about proper school level placement.

Additional tests may be required by the school for the followimg reasons:

  • It enables the school to develop efficient individualized programs.
  • It provides guidance in clinical assessment.
  • It helps the faculty to create suitable and quality educational strategies.
  • It permits the school to enhance the multiple intelligences of each student.
  • It enables the school to identify educational skills and abilities of each student.
  • It is an important tool and guide for behavior modification strategies where and when needed.
  • It enables each student to achieve his or her full potential.

Testing Services

Achievement Tests

1. Wechsler Individual Achievement Test II (WIAT-II)
A test that is used to measure an individual’s achievement skills in different academic areas – reading, mathematics, written language, and oral language.

Age Level Fee
5 – 85 yrs. old Pre-K to 16th Grade PhP. 4,000.00

2. Woodcock Johnson III Test of Achievement
– A test that measures an individual’s academic achievement in mathematics, reading, and written language.

Age Level Fee
5 – 90 yrs. old Kindergarten to 16th Grade PhP. 4,000.00

3. Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-4)
A reliable norm referenced test that has been standardized to assess core academic abilities in basic reading, spelling, sentence comprehension, and math computation.

Age Level Fee
5 – 94 yrs. old Kindergarten to 16th Grade PhP. 4,000.00

4. BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screen II K & 1
A test used to identify potential developmental delays and giftedness in language, motor, self-help, social-emotional, and cognitive skills.

Age Level Fee
0 – 7 yrs. old Kindergarten to 16th Grade PhP. 4,000.00

5. BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development II (IED II)
A test that assess the strengths and needs of students functioning below the developmental age of 7.
Accurately identifies students’ present level of performance and monitor progress.

Age Level Fee
0 – 7 yrs. old Kindergarten to 16th Grade PhP. 4,000.00

Intelligence Tests

1. Woodcock Johnson III Test of Cognitive Abilities
A complete system of tests that measures general intellectual ability and specific mental abilities.

Age Level Fee
5 – 90 yrs. old Kindergarten to 16th Grade PhP. 4,000.00

2. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – IV (WIAT-IV)
A test that provides important information and critical educational insights into a child’s cognitive functioning.
Results represent intellectual functioning in specific areas, as well as general intellectual ability.

Age Level Fee
6 – 16 yrs. old Kindergarten to 10th Grade PhP. 4,000.00

Behavioral Tests

1. Vanderbilt Assessment Scale
A helpful tool in organizing information to understand symptoms of disruptive behavioral disorders (ex. A.D.H.D., A.D.D., C.D.B).

Age Level Fee
6 – 18 yrs. old 1st to 16th Grade PhP. 2,000.00

2. Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment
A test that presents a comprehensive approach to assessing adaptive and maladaptive functioning (Productive and Unproductive Behavior).

Age Level Fee
6 – 18 yrs. old 1st to 16th Grade PhP. 3,000.00

Reading Tests

1. Diagnostic Assessment of Reading 2nd Edition (DAR)
A comprehensive assessment of individual student achievement in print awareness, phonological awareness, letters and sounds, word recognition, word analysis, oral reading accuracy and fluency, silent reading comprehension, spelling, and word meaning.

Age Level Fee
5 – Adult