Gifted & Talented Education Program (GATE)

Students with higher propensity for learning in one or more subjects or students who are extremely talented can develop to their fullest through RIS’s individualized system. In traditional schools, gifted and/or talented students are harder to identify and mentor because the rigid progression of learning gives them little opportunity or motivation to excel. Under the GATE program, once students are identified, they can advance as fast as they can master the learning concepts, without the frustration of waiting for the rest of the class to catch up. Students in this program benefit from a differentiated curriculum, where they are allowed to learn and know more than the prescribed curriculum.

Our GATE programs challenge Gifted and Talented students and those with high abilities in a regular classroom settings. These students benefit from enrichment and accelerated programs to enable them to make continuous progress in school.

Gifted and Talented students follow a differentiated curriculum designed specifically for their needs. They enjoy a rich learning environment that is challenging and stimulating.

Our GATE Students study an enriched curriculum, have access and links with universities and industry bodies and mentoring programs, have contact with leading industry professionals, and take part in competitions at national and international levels.

Students who are placed in our GATE Program have an IQ Score in the 98th percentile or higher or pass a Talent Test and whose Academic Achievement is ABOVE AVERAGE. In addition, factors such as adaptability, work behavior, work ethics, and enthusiasm towards learning are necessary criteria that need to be considered.