Philosophy and Core Values

Reach International School recognizes that educating students is a multi-faceted learning process. It is a multi-disciplinary learning system that integrates the needs of the students and their families. We believe that every interaction with our students is a learning moment. We want to empower our students and their families to become advocates in a lifelong learning process. We want them to develop the capacity to be in control of their own destinies, to be motivated to push beyond their own limitations, and to be persistent in achieving their goals and aspirations while possessing an inherent concern and respect for others and the environment.

Learning without Limits

RIS’s individualized and collaborative curriculum carefully develops students’ to think critically. Learning happens as they process, understand and apply concepts taught. This approach liberates the learning process from the “locked-in” rigid progression set by the teacher and allows students to become independent and motivated learners. A combination of individualized and collaborative learning ensures that no student is left behind by the class and no student is stifled because he or she has to wait for the rest of the class to catch up. This allows students to learn without limits.

Core Values

Stressing importance on understanding and being receptive towards each student’s learning needs

Enabling students to progress at their own pace in order to foster development

Encouraging growth through supervised exploration as life should be rich with experiences

Integrating creative tool for solving problems and generating joy in every activity

Exercising holistic wellness since a sound mind and a sound body are essential to learning

Guiding students properly for them to carry with them and pass on a lifetime of positive influences

Knowing the essence of what is valuable and concretized in the form of a worthy legacy