Our Faculty

Reach International School faculty members are board-certified, adaptable, and well-versed in their respective fields of specialization in educating students in all levels. Operationally, teachers from level 1-12 teach in their area of specialization. A math teacher will only teach math; a science teacher will only teach science. When subject teachers teach in their own field of specialization, the delivery of subject matter content changes qualitatively because each teacher is able to modify and adapt the curriculum based on the individual student’s capacity and ability to learn. The ability of the faculty to modify and adapt the curriculum to accommodate each student’s learning style makes for a unique faculty that delivers educational content without compromising academic [content] integrity.

In addition to Reach faculty members being highly skilled, they are also nurturing and are generally concerned for the well-being and development of every student. Faculty members have a high awareness for the safety and security of the students and their various needs. The Reach faculty measures its success through the students’ ability to learn, think critically, and to care for others and the environment.